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North Lake Tahoe & West Lake Tahoe Communities

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  • Bunker Tract (behind Tahoe City)

This tract is located behind the golf course and consists mainly of permanent residents due to its proximity to Tahoe City and the elementary school. Most homes are in quiet, secluded settings. Close to churches and the community center, this area offers easy access to downtown. Real estate market values range from $600K to $1.5 million.

  • Tahoe City

This area is also within walking distance to the elementary school and downtown. Most homes here are older and many are rented to locals. Homes and rare legal duplexes are mixed in quality and upkeep and are in the affordable range of $300K to $900K.

  • Lake Forest

Homes are also mixed in this area with many older cabins and homes. Some are quality upgrades. Some nicer homes are near or on the lake, but rarely come on the market. Price range is $400K to $1.75 million.

  • The Highlands (Across from Dollar Point)

This area is comprised mainly of permanent residents and professionals. This is a prestige area with a "suburban" feel. Homes here are well maintained. The intermediate school and high school are located in this neighborhood. Homes range from $675K to $3 million. Many newer and completely remodeled homes are priced at the high end.

  • Dollar Point

Dollar Point is another prestigious, higher priced subdivision. It has many of the same characteristics as the Highlands with the advantage of amenities, including beach, pier, buoys, pool, two tennis court locations and club house. Real estate market values range from $700K to $10 million plus for lakefronts.

  • Carnelian Heights

Another nice, secluded area with a high percentage of permanent residents This setting is more woodsy than Dollar Hill or the Highlands. A mix of older and newer homes with Real estate market values ranging from $450K to $1.5 million.

  • Ridgewood

Woodsy and mixed like Carnelian Heights except for some steeper and more narrow roads creating somewhat more difficult winter access, but with the advantage of an association pier. Real estate market values ranging from $450K to $3 million. Occasionally lake views and lake fronts become available.

  • Agate Bay

A very comfortable neighborhood with moderate to high-priced homes in wooded settings. Homes in this area have excellent rental histories due to the Sun Club pier and pool and two tennis court locations. Real estate market values range from $475K to $5 million or higher for a lake view. Lakefronts are close to the highway with easy access.

  • Tahoe Estates (above Tahoe Vista)

A potpourri of very nice homes, older cabins, spectacular and some not so spectacular lake views from $425K to $1.75 milliion.

  • Tahoe Vista

A level neighborhood of mixed older cabins and newer homes within walking distance of a public beach, marina and restaurants. At this writing, Tahoe Vista homes range in price from $425K to $1 million.

  • Tahoe Marina Estates

A secluded hard-to-find area that's very accessible to dining and shopping. A very quiet area, Real estate market values range from $625K to $2.5 million for lakeview homes.

  • Woodvista

Near or on Old Brockway Golf Course, this area is gradually upgrading. Real estate market values range from $600K to $900K.

  • Kingswood Estates and Kingswood West

Nice areas with good values. Most homes are in treed, quiet settings with some lake views. Five minutes from dining and shopping. Real estate market values range from $500K to $1.5 million.

  • Kings Beach-Brockway

Kings Beach has the best values in housing on the North Shore, Real estate market values ranging from $300K to $900K with most homes in the $300K to $500K range. Brockway is a smaller community with homes ranging from $350K to $3.5 million, depending on the location. The area also includes Brockway Springs Estates, site of the famous Brockway Hot Springs Resort Hotel, is a gated lakefront community of 20 home sites on 20 acres. The estates also includes a variety of amenities. Luxury homes in this section can range from 3 million to 8 million.

  • Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley

Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley combine the traits of rural rugged mountain ambience and convenient mountain living. Located four miles from Tahoe City, they are as close to downtown shopping as most North Shore subdivisions and closer than most of West Shore. In the opposite direction, they provide quicker access to I-80 destinations of Reno and the Bay Area. Avoiding the traffic jams to skiing on the weekends and holidays, both areas attract the serious skier and vacation user. Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley have quietly attracted both groups for years. The primary residents in the valleys enjoy the bonus of quiet solitude among the forests and mountains in the summer. Alpine Meadows houses are in the $575K to $2.45 million range and condos are $350K to $450K. Squaw Valley homes are $640K to $12.5 million plus and condos range $350K to $1.7 million.


  • Comstock Areas

Another area with a high percentage of local residents, close-in with many level lots. Excellent winter access. Homes range from $600K to $1 million

  • Cathedral Forest

A small, level, wooded area with nice homes and cabins close to Tahoe City. A mixed locals area with Real estate market values from $600K to $800K.

  • Tahoe Tavern Heights

A nice area with many local residents. This popular area is close to town with many homes from $600K to $1.2 million.

  • Tahoe Woods

Above Tahoe Tavern Heights, quiet, close to town. A dead-end subdivision with access to trails, hiking and mountain biking up to Paige Meadows. Woodsy setting and providing beach and pier membership with Tahoe Park Association. Real estate market values range from $600K to $1.3 million.

  • Tahoe Park

A level, easy-access area with cabins and homes in somewhat close proximity to each other. Most are 50-foot lots. Some areas are more woodsy. Popular for the gated association beach with two piers, playground and picnic area. Price range from $500K to $1.5 million for homes on the lakeside. More expensive homes on the lake side rarely come on the market.

  • Talmont-Twin Peaks

A quiet subdivision on a sunny plateau above Tahoe Park and Sunnyside. This area is surrounded by forest and trails bordering Paige Meadows, a series of beautiful aspen lined meadows popular with cross country skiers and hikers. Some of the least expensive and most spectacular lakeviews are available here along with a mix of reasonably priced cabins and newer homes. This area is above lake level so it experiences more snow, but also has extensive sun exposure. Owners in the Talmont subdivision enjoy one of the best private West Shore homeowners beaches and recreation areas available at Tahoe Park. Real estate market values range from 575K to 1.5 million.

  • Pineland

A nice level area with easy access to the highway. This area consists of a mix of locals, and second homes. Real estate market values range from $530K to $1.9 million.

  • Alpine Peaks

The most undiscovered area on the West Shore four miles behind Pineland. With direct access to Alpine Meadows' Sherwood lift and tucked away seclusion, this area is excellent for the person who wants quiet mountain living, spectacular mountain views and includes a tennis court. Although an excellent road, a 4WD in winter would be preferable. Price range is $720K to $2 million.

  • Timberland

Timberland is an older subdivision a mile south of Sunnyside with many "Old Tahoe" style cabins and some newer rustic style homes. Some homes are of "collector" quality rich in history. Quaint and rustic it is only six blocks long and two blocks wide surrounded by state and national forest and some beautiful meadows with much old growth timber in the neighborhood and surrounding forest.

Timberland has its own water system and its sweet untreated water has been rated by the state as one of the best quality in Northern California. The neighborhood makeup is mostly second homes with a few full-time residents.

Hurricane Bay public beach is a short walk from the neighborhood. Priced from $520K to $900K. There is also an new 8 home subdivision named Hurricane Bay Estates which features spectacular new homes ranging in price from $2 million to $2.6 million.

  • Skyland

Skyland is a very nice area with moderate and some larger lots. Some homes are large with a spacious feel and some with lake views. Beach association and pier privileges. Priced from $700K to $1.6 million.

  • Tahoe Pines

A nice level area with prices ranging from $460K to $.41 million plus. Some areas of Tahoe Pines are secluded and woodsy. All have access to a beautiful sandy lake front beach and pier next to Fleur du Lac condos where the former Kaiser estate used to be. These spectacular condominiums are large and very custom, ranging in price from $3 million to $6 million.

  • Tahoe Swiss Village

A quality subdivision. Very few homes come on the market in this area due to year-round and long-term second homeowners and a small gated beach. Price range $700K to $2.5 million. Rarely do any split lakefronts come on the market.

  • Homewood

Homewood listings are as rare as in Tahoe Swiss Village. Close to the ski area and marina, restaurants and some shopping, this is a very desirable area with many lakefront homes. Prices start around $500K and go as high as 6 million plus for lakefronts.

  • McKinney Shores

A nice area with quality homes starting at $700K and going as high as $2 million. Close to the skiing and with its own lakefront association, this flat, easily accessible subdivision represents prestige and charm. A few "split-lake fronts" and lakefronts here.

  • Chamberlands

Chamberlands is a vacation-oriented community. With the pool, tennis and bussing to beach and nearby ski areas, it is desirable for rentals in both summer and winter. Values are reflected in some degree as to whether or not the home has "joined" the Chamberlands Beach and Mountain Club amenities but all have access to one portion of the beach and the public restaurant. Real estate market values $750K to $1.2 million. Lakefront homes in this area are very prestigious.

  • Chambers Landing

Gated condominium community with heated lakeside pool, private owner's pier and buoy field, sandy beach and tennis courts. Overlooks the famous Chambers over the water bar and popular lakeside seasonal bistro. These custom condos range in size from approximately 2,200 sq. ft. to 2,900 sq. ft. with prices ranging from $1.8 million to $3.7 million.

  • McKinney Estates

This highly secluded, quiet area is level and sunny and one of the most pristine areas for the price on the West Shore. Homes range from $400K to $1.4 million. Within walking distance to Chambers beach and pier and restaurant.

  • Kai-lua Park-Westlake Village

These two moderately-priced areas have homes ranging from $500K to $650K. There are some pocket areas offering spectacular views or superb privacy that can go for as high as $950K.

  • Tahoma

Provides low to moderate-priced housing and is popular with "locals." Many older summer cabins are being upgraded due to the affordability of homes and the recent erosion control project providing widening and paving of streets. Close to Sugar Pine Park and Bliss State Park and sharing the beach and pier with Water's Edge Condos, this area has much to offer for the price. Prices range from $350K to $850K, and as much as $5 million plus for lakefront homes.

  • Meeks Bay-Glenridge

Down the West Shore, Meeks Bay is perfect for summer fun with white sandy beaches and open settings. This area abounds with lakeview homes. Real estate market values range from $560K to $1.1 million. Occasionally lakefronts are available at $5 million plus.

  • Rubicon

The quiet, family side of the lake is represented in the Rubicon Area. Close to Emerald Bay and Bliss State Park, this area contains some of the most beautiful private and public sandy beaches. Spectacular views abound of Rubicon Bay's turquoise and blue water. Quality and prices vary according to location, views and age of property, from $600K to $2.5 million. The area known as the Gold Coast has some of Tahoe's most prestigious estates that occasionally are offered for sale in the multi millions.


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