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Timeshare Rentals and Sales for Your Lake Tahoe Vacations

The Sierra Nevada is a Spanish phrase meaning, “snowy range”. And located, among the ski-perfect peaks of the Sierra Nevada’s snowy range, is a jewel-like lake—the incredible Lake Tahoe. What better place to enjoy a summer vacation or a winter holiday? Especially when you take advantage of the convenience and comfort of Lake Tahoe timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.

Rafting on the Truckee RiverLake Tahoe is a resort destination with a split personality. With a surface area of approximately 191 square miles, (495 square kilometers) Lake Tahoe is bordered by Nevada to the east and California to the west. Roughly two-thirds of the shoreline is within the state of California, and while both sides offer outdoor recreation in all forms, the Nevada side affords you the opportunity to enjoy casinos and gaming. The California side lets you totally focus your vacation on the deep blue lake, surrounded by lush piney forests and dramatic rocks and boulders. As the second deepest lake in the U.S., it is obvious why the Washoe Indians called Lake Tahoe, “big water”.

Lake Tahoe Powder SkiingBut Lake Tahoe’s dual personality is not just about two states that offer different ways to enjoy your Sierra Nevada vacation experience. Lake Tahoe is both a summer and a winter destination.

Whether your Lake Tahoe holiday is built around skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, sleigh riding, and tubing, or you are there to golf, hike, bike, rock climb, horseback ride, raft, boat, or fish for trout, a timeshare makes it easy to enjoy. Lake Tahoe timeshare resorts offer spacious accommodations, with an abundance of amenities and great locations. And Lake Tahoe timeshares mean you can have the best of true vacation ownership without paying the marked-up prices of timeshare developers, who sell timeshare at pricey fees designed to cover both their construction and marketing costs.

Lake Tahoe’s Sand HarborLake Tahoe timeshare resales (timeshares for sale by-owner) are easy to find and purchase through reputable timeshare companies. When you plan your Sierra Nevada vacation, look online for a timeshare sales company to help you find accommodations that are perfect for you and your family. You can buy, rent or sell your vacation property without hassles, and any time you can’t take advantage of it yourself, the year-round desirability and high demand for this ideal vacation destination makes it easy to list your timeshare as a Lake Tahoe rental unit.

Think about it. Lake Tahoe is so clear that in many areas, you can see up to 75 feet below the surface. So clean, it is considered 99.9 percent pure. While much of the area around Lake Tahoe has been developed to offer the convenience of shops and restaurants, thousands of acres of protected wilderness land remain unchanged by human hand. What better place to relax, retreat, and recharge your body and your senses? And what easier way to do it, than in the reliable, affordable accommodations of Lake Tahoe timeshare resales and rentals?

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