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Tahoe Fish & Fishing Tips

A few tips for netting Lake Tahoe fish:

bullet Brown Trout

bullet Use night crawlers or lures. Early summer and just before dusk are the best times to fish for Brown Trout. In Lake Tahoe try the west end, shallow areas along piers and rocky bottoms.
bullet Brook Trout

bullet Use small lures or worms. Dry flies also work well. The best fishing is in early summer. These fish are most commonly found in higher elevation lakes and streams.
bullet Cutthroat Trout

bullet Try a topline troll with night crawlers or shore fish with salmon eggs or worms. Spring and summer are the best seasons to fish.
bullet Golden Trout

bullet Use a small, colorful lure or worms on light trippets. Spring and early summer are the best time to fish. These trout are scarce and are found only in a few remote, high elevation lakes.
bullet Rainbow Trout

bullet Use small lures when toplining and inshore fishing. September through November and May are best time to fish. Rainbows are planted throughout the summer.
bullet Mackinaw (lake trout)

bullet Deepline troll at least 80 feet with large flashers. Drift fishing with live minnows or night crawlers also works. Jigging with flashy lures can be effective. Mackinaw are caught year round.
bullet Kokanee (landlocked) Salmon

bullet Try topline trolling with clusters of worms on size 4, 6 or 8 hooks. Early spring and late summer provides the best fishing. In Lake Tahoe most fish are found in the southwest corner with a few taken off of the Cave Rock area. It is highly unlikely you will catch them from shore.
bullet General Lake Tahoe Fishing Tips

bullet Avoid fishing during times of mirror like calm, unless fishing deep for Mackinaw. Even a slight surface riffle will break up shadows cast on the bottom and will partially obliterate the angler from view.
bullet Use a light monofilament line.
bullet Use very long line for trolling or make very long casts if fishing from shore.
Tahoe Fish & Fishing Tips
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