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Airbnb Lake Tahoe [2019]

Air BNB Lake Tahoe – South Tahoe Vacation Cabin Home Rentals

Are you looking to visit a foreign country but you do not how to go about accommodation issues and such? Well, it is time you took your family down to Africa for that Maasai Mara visit to see the great wildebeest migration, or whichever dream vacation because Airbnb has got you!

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an online market place in the united states of America that connects willing hosts with guests who are looking for a place to stay. The hospitality service company allows the guest to select the kind of accommodation they would like and links them with hosts who have enlisted their space for rent. 

Invention is the mother of invention! Airbnb was started in a rather exciting way. Two roommates, Joe Gesbia and Brian Chesky, fresh out of college and broke needed extra bucks to sustain them. Well, life in San Francisco is no walk in the park. Rent bills were getting unbearable, and if they did not do something quick, they would end up in the streets with no roof over their heads. The former schoolmates, therefore, decided to put an air mattress in their living room and opened up their place to guests as a bed and breakfast lodge. 

Of course, it enabled them to settle their bills, but eventually, it developed into a full-fledged business. They started a website and named it airbed and breakfast. They offered services such as airbed, breakfast, and a business opportunity for unlucky fellas who could not book a room due to saturation un the busy hospitality market. On the 11th of August 2008 they officially launched their website and y summer that year, this lucky trio had their first customers. 

Upward and forward! Their business did not look back again. In January the next year, they were invited to a winter training session where they emerged with funding of 20,000 dollars in exchange for a little interest from their company’s earnings. The trio used their money wisely, choosing to go to New York City to sell the companies services. The efforts gained them an additional 10,000 users and a whopping 2500 listings by March 2009. In March is when the name changed to and in the same month, the business grew from shared spaces and airbeds to homes, apartments, private rooms and larger properties.

From then on, Airbnb has known nothing but success. 2011 saw the expansion of business, doubling business in five months. Airbnb progressed and aggressively moved into markets from the united states of America. In 2011, the company took home the “app” award. Since then Airbnb has known nothing but victory after victory, expanding their services to other continents. The company has offices in London, which marks its second international offices. 

How does Airbnb Tahoe work?

Airbnb Tahoe does not own any real estate property or lodging areas where guests can rent out when visiting. Instead, Airbnb offers a platform where willing hosts enlist their space, the kind of room they are offering, the pricing, and of course, the city they are in on the website. The guests, on the other hand, need to go on the website, look for the town they are visiting and scroll through the listed spaces, and select the kind that they are comfortable. The work that Airbnb does is to broker the rooms or space being let out. Through this broker business, Airbnb earns a commission enabling them to stay on the market. The company receives a commission of 3% from the hosts and 6-12% from the guests. 

Before securing a place to stay, the guest must submit personal information such as name and age, sex, and the method of payment they are going to use. Some strict home hosts also require government registration such as identification cards, driver’s license or passports before agreeing to rent out their homes to strangers. 

What are the advantages of using Airbnb Lake Tahoe for Cabin Rentals? 

Airbnb allows you the guests to look for a guide if you are touring the area or country for the first time. You can request a guide at an affordable price, and you are assured a reliable and friendly person to take you through your visit. 

There is a variety to choose from on the Airbnb website. You can get any accommodation you would like, from vacation homes, shared rooms to even single rooms. You can also find private offices, conference rooms, beautiful gardens for weddings and graduations, villas and even a yacht if you need one! You can find every kind of home. 

The prices are slightly less high compared to hotels. The host and the guest can agree to disagree on the costs as the host is in charge of setting the pay per day, week or even month. Do not forget that the pressure of finding a hotel to your liking is lifted off your shoulders.

Finally, you can get as much as the hotels offer with the homes listed on Airbnb. You can get filled fridges, toiletries, a swimming pool, a bed, and breakfast. Actually, you can have all meals. Do you know what is better? Airbnb offers you a home away from home!

We will not blow our own trumpets. In every business, there are risks associated. The worst that can happen in ours is the host not meeting the guest’s expectations or the guest destroying the owner’s property. However, we have measures in place. Airbnb holds the guest payment for 24 hours after check-in, and compensation of up to 10,000 dollars is offered to the host in the event of destruction of property. The good still outweighs the bad. 

So, girlies pack your bags and let us visit lake Tahoe because with Airbnb you are stress-free about accommodation. The cobalt blue lake is tucked away in the snow-filled Nevada mountain range. The lake is a highly sought-after tourist destination that keeps everyone’s interest piqued and you are assured of an active experience. In terms of accommodation, Airbnb has ensured you have a variety to pick from. Listed on their website include a 59 dollar a night LaPetite cabin, a cozy two-bedroom condo going for as little as 10 dollars a night and a beautiful one-bedroom place you can easily walk to from the lake. If you have extra coins to spend on accommodation, you can find a studio guest house that goes for 109 dollars a night with free Wi-Fi and bikes. We also have restaurants and family homes at your disposal. The ley to an enjoyable vacation is in your hands. Visit us today!

Airbnb Lake Tahoe [2019]
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